What is this about?

Topics will be fairly wide-ranging, but there’ll be an emphasis on:

  • Language and cognition

  • Statistics and the practice of science

  • Neural language models

  • Framing/messaging around policies I find interesting and important

Check out this post on how language models could change language for an example.

My goal is to post ≥3 articles per month.

Why “the counterfactual”?

One of the themes I’ll be exploring in this newsletter is the notion of thinking with baselines: given a claim––a number, a statistic––what should we compare it to? I think this connects more generally to counterfactual reasoning: what might have happened otherwise? I find both ways of thinking really helpful for enumerating a space of possible arguments or beliefs.

Does this cost money?

At the moment, no. I might add an optional subscription sometime in the future (which would come with additional articles/benefits for paid subscribers), but my primary goal really is just to reach a broader audience.

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Cognitive Science, statistics, AI.


Assistant Professor at UC San Diego.